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Abbey C. Steele
Founder and President

ATLAS BILLING & COLLECTIONS allows Chiropractors to focus more on what matters most, patient care.

Collect more. Collect faster. Spend less.

We specialize in strategic Chiropractic coding, billing, & collection for maximum reimbursement.

Patients trust their bills.

Your staff will receive less calls and less complaints, allowing your clinic to increase net patient revenue, decrease collection costs, reduce outbound calls, keep an established reputation, generate notes faster and with ease, and minimize staff fees.

Experienced in coding and patient care, Ms. Steele excels in creating Chiropractic invoices and addressing patient concerns. She has revolutionized the field by seamlessly integrating EHR and the electronic production of HCFAs. Ms. Steele will work with your patients' insurances to ensure maximum reimbursement on every claim, absolving you of the stress associated with billing.

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